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Check out the process of the fish coming from off the boat all the way to it getting skinned and ready to be shipped to you!

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Bergie's Seafood Inc

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About Us

Our Story

Bergie's Seafood Inc was established in 1984 by Mark Bergeron and Sonny Stanley. These seamen combined their many years of experience to form a company dedicated ti off-loading many of the best fishing boats in the port of New Bedford, Massachusetts, the largest fishing port on the East Coast. Bergie's is open 24 hours a day, 364 days a year to issue our customers the quality and freshness that they have come to expect from Bergie's Seafood Inc. 

Unloading and Processing

At Bergie's Seafood we strive to get you the best seafood from the best boats in the industry. Here at Bergies we not only unload but process the seafood as well ensuring that you receive the freshest seafood possible.

The Fleet

By complimenting our own fleet of vessels with scores of the best fishing boats in our port, as well as ports from New York to Maine, we are able to provide our customers with products when many other companies do not have any fresh produce to offer. Our fish and scallops are harvested in the cold clear waters of the North Atlantic and are revered for their excellent taste and are a true value for your dollar.